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Atlas baft Textile Company has been working with many years of experience in the field of all kinds of viscose fabrics on a 2.5 hectare land area, which has been able to absorb highly qualified and committed staff and, using the experience of educated managers and advisers, make great strides in the field of textile development. 

Product introduction and new phase
The products of this company are mainly textured and finished with 100% viscose fabrics of various widths (145,126,90), which in phase 2 of this company (being under construction) can meet the needs of distinguished customers in the field of different fabrics such as Cotton, cotton polyester, viscose polyester, spun and etc.

special features
The unique features of this company are fast delivery, quality and reasonable prices for respectable customers

Introducing services
Among the services that the company can offer customers at the moment, spinning (all types of ring and open end), knitting (a variety of textile fabrics with widths of 90, 126 and 145), dyeing (active and direct, and dispersing) ,printing(Roller and rotary) and completion (dimensional registration - desaturation)

Features and views
From our perspective, respect and value to the health of the environment and the physical and mental health of the personnel of this unit, are very important. In this area, the company's green unit and sporting unit have created a ground floor area of ​​700 square meters, including a sports pool, football and ping-pong inside the company.

In 1958, Haj Seyyed Javad Sedighi's store in the heart of Tehran's bazaar started its activities and continued to supply domestic factory products and over time was known with the import and trade of textile products in the great market of Tehran .
Gradually, with the passage of time and experience, and with goals such as national production, job creation and domestic needs, the establishment of Atlas companies was built.
The Atlas Baft Manufacturing Company started to manufacture a 100% viscose fabric (including spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing) in a 2.5-hectare area in 2011.
The Atlas Group of Textile Industries and the Atlas Textile Complex in the Vire Sabbah-e-Shahr Branch appeared by Sidiqi brothers in 2012, Started producing their work in the field of textile and finishing of viscose textiles, dyeing, direct printing and printing.

The history of this collection dates back to 1957 in the Tehran grand bazaar. The founder of this collection was Haj Seyyed Javad Sedighi who was saling textiles at the current market (Tehran bazzar) in the form of retail, products of some companies such as Jahan, Tehran, Momtaz, Ray, Mazandaran, (The factories that have been dismantled today, due to lack of proper management of the state and the private sector, have not been named in the textile industry) . They  blieve that the right acquisition, fair price, ethical and customer-oriented commitment are the  keywords, which led to the current  atlas baft , one of the most reputable fabric manufacturers. In 2015, he won the Gold of Production and Quality Management from the Center for Industrial Manufacturing Research.
Support Manager: Seyyed Mohammad Reza Sedighi
Sales Director: Seyyed Alireza Sedighi
Management and Development: Seyed Abdolreza Sedighi (Shapour)

The Atlas baft manages the whole production cycles, including  fibers, yarns, textiles, replicas, scarves and posters in a coherent collection and directly manages textiles from its sales agent in the great Tehran market. Abbas Abad Market, tailor's market, No. 28) is delivered to customers.

The unique feature of this large production complex is the completion of cotton fabrics, with a minimum of longitudinal alluvium (between 6 and 9 per cent) and transversely (almost zero), which is available with engineers and experienced professionals in the area of Textile and premium materials . Atlas Textile is proud to have the strongest and most specialized staff.
Types of Textiles:
-Koodray width of 90
-Koodray width of 130
-Koodray width of 150
Simple, Flower (Includes Printing and Removing)
Used for men's, tunic, shirt, shawl, pants, shoe and work wear

Customer comments
-The best quality product in Iran in terms of quality
- Minimum time in sending customer's order
-Conformance of order with the product sent
- Variety and color stability
- Very reasonable price for quality
-Accounting brokers

Preventing from withdrawal of currency and maintaining national capital
- Direct and indirect employment of over 3,000 people
-preventing from importing similar products
-exporting products with global standard quality

In order to diversify and expand the products of the Atlas Textile Factory, the management decided to build the 2nd and 3rd halls, which feature the halls to expand the size and modernization of modern machines for the production of new products, including Polystyrene, Spun, and Cotton fabrics. The completion of this large project is largely met by the domestic market demand of Iran.
With the efforts of the management of the industrial and industrial group Atlas textiles to exercise and considering the staff  vitality and well-being as a daily necessity, decided to build sports area such as natural grass, hot water pool and gym, and now staff in Leisure time is used properly.

We are looking to expand our business in other countries. If you are interested in our products which includes customized design and pattern that could be complete match with your cultural and traditional background keep in touch with us vis:


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